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2019 Fundraising Banquet

Posted on: 16 November 2019

Our Future:

We praise Allah (S) for his bounties and blessings on our community and thank Him for the countless favors that he has bestoed on us. As you may know, Masjid As-Siddiq has recently acquired properties around the Masjid. We are indeed grateful to Allah (S) as these properties will be of strategic value in the future. However, we need to repay $375,000 in interest-free loans within the next three years and need your help.

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2019 AMO Banquet

Our Guest Speaker:

Imam Mohamad Cheble is an Arabic Islamic scholar. He is an Imam of Ad-Dawah Center of Columbus, NJ, and an Islamic Chaplain of New Jersey state.

He was born on the 5th day of March 1957, in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon, to Muslim-Arabic parents descended from Quriash (Zain Al Abedein bin Ali bin Aby Talib RAA) roots. He was raised in north Lebanon along with his six brothers and four sisters. Imam Cheble grew up practicing Islam with his family at home and the Masajids in Tripoli.

Before entering elementary school, he learned to read and write the Arabic language and the Qura’an with the Sheikh. He then attended a private Islamic school (Dar El Tarbeiah wa Al Taleem), where he spent five years studying Al Shareiah sciences, Qura’an recitation (Tajweed from Sheikh Al Qura’a in Lebanon Sallah el Din- Kubarah), rhetoric, poetry, law (Fiqh) and theology (Aqidah) among other classical Islamic disciplines like Hadith, Tawheed, Tafseer with the guidance of many Teachers (Shyuiokh) from Al-Azhar, Egypt.

In 1976, Imam Mohamad attended Al-Azhar University in Egypt. In 1980, he received his BA (Al Ijazah Al Alyeh). During his study in Al-Azhar University, he met and learned from famous shoyouks in the Islamic world, from the likes of Sheikh Al-Azhar Abdul Hameid Mahmoud, Sheikh Muhammad Al Sheirawoi, Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishik, and Sheik Al- Husayni(may Allah give them mercy and forgiveness). Furthermore, Imam Mohamad was able to obtain his MA in Arabic and Islamic knowledge from Al -Azhar University in 1986.

From the time Imam Cheble received his MA, he became an Imam of Masjid Abu Baker al Sidiq and a teacher at public schools in Tripoli, Lebanon. He continued to do so, until he came to the United States in 1999.

Imam Mohamad settled in Trenton, New Jersey and became an Imam of Masjid As-Saffat up until 2006. In addition to his work, Imam Mohamad volunteered his time to many services in his Muslims community such as: Nekah, funeral, interfaith, and chaplain at hospitals and prisons. Along with his service, Imam Mohamad travels yearly with Dar El Salam Hajj and Omrah Company to help and serve the Hujaj in performing hajj in the correct manner.

Imam Mohamad Cheble is one of three brothers, all of which are Imams in the US. His elder brother is Imam Hamad Cheble, Imam of ISCJ masjid. The second brother is Imam Jamal Cheble, the Imam of Al-Shuhada masjid in New Jersey.

In 2012, Imam Mohamad became a Chaplain in the state of New Jersey. He teaches Islam, leads prayers and gives Islamic services to Muslims inmates at the prisons.

In 2018, he became the Imam of Ad-Dawah Center of New Jersey.

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Thursday 04 Jun 2020
12 Shawwaal 1441

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