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Jummah Khateeb - Dr. Yousry Ayad

Posted on: 19 January 2018

The day of Friday is of great importance of significance for all mankind, especially for the Muslims. Jummah prayers are offered on this day. These prayers are of great importance and significance for all Muslims. There are various Angels who come on early at the mosque and make a record of who comes first at the mosque. This is also a great source of blessings for that person. When a person sits at a mosque and listens to Imam quietly, this also offers great significance and reward. Furthermore, if he sits away where he cannot listen and does not interrupt, he will receive reward only once. On the other hand, if he sits at a place where he cannot listen to the Sermon and looks at the imam, he will certainly get burden of reward.


Here are some things that you must follow and adopt during the preparation of Jummah prayers.

1) You should first begin with clipping the nails and removing hair.

2) You should take a bath before going to mosque for prayers.

3) It is better to use Miswak before going to mosque.

4) Always try to use Attar.

5) You should try to wear nice clothes.

6) It is better to reach mosque early and before time.

7) Always try to walk towards the mosque, as your every step will offer a great reward.

8) You should try your level best to listen very attentively to Khutba. Furthermore, you should not speak with anyone when the Khutba is in progress.

9) It is very beneficial to sit close to Imaan.

10) If all the rows are filled with people, then you should not jump over the shoulders of other people to reach to front row.

11) You should try to listen to Khutba attentively rather than fiddling with your clothes or fingers.

12) When the name of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) is recited in Khutba, then it is always better to recite durood in heart without moving the lips of tongue.

13) Between two Khutba’s, it is better to make dua. Dua must be made in heart, i-e without raising the hand or moving the lips.

14) Read and recite Surah Al Aala in the first rakaat of Junnah Salah and Surah Gaathia in the second rakaat.

15) Religious scholars suggest that whoever recites Surah Al-Kahf on Friday, light will continue to shine on him between two Fridays.

16) It is always better to recite Durood in abundance on Jummah prayers.

17) According to Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H), there is a certain specific time of Jummah on which the dua of a person will get accepted.

18) On Friday, it is always better to recite Durood 80 times after Asr prayers.

19) It is said that sins of a person are forgiven between one Jummah prayers to other ones, especially if he prays all Salats in between them.

20) Coming early to Jummah prayers offers great reward, and if a person walks towards the mosque for Jummah prayers, then he will get the reward of fasting and praying qiyaam.

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