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Sister Classes

Start Date: 15/11/2012
Time: 7:30pm
Teacher: Sis. Zena Zaman
Cost: Free
Location/Room: Basement Floor

Course decription

As-Siddiq welcomes all sisters to attend Islamic educational classes. The sessions are held every other Friday at 7:30PM, Inshallah. The class will focus on the recitation and memorization of portions of the Quran as well as matters dealing with our Deen. Please contact Sr. Bebi Rahman at 718-848-0365 for more information. 

We invite all sisters to attend, participate, and Inshallah grow from this experience. For more information you can contact Sr. Zena Zaman at 718-641-9059 or Sr. Bebi Rahman at 718-848-0365. 

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