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Everyone is invited to participate in our activites, programs, and events.  Our goal at As-Siddiq Muslim Organization is to be a place that empowers Muslims to perfect their worship of Allah and become more active in the community.  The programs and activities set forth below are designed to first please Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and to achieve the above objectives.  Below is a list of our planned special activities and important dates for 2020.  We also have ongoing classes and educational activities for men, women, and children.  Please visit our Education page for more information on those classes.

  • 01/04 Youth Program
  • 01/11 Tafseer Program
  • 01/12 Tax Program
  • 01/18 Family Lecture/Program
  • 02/01 Tafseer Program
  • 02/08 Family Lecture/Program
  • 03/07 Tafseer Program
  • 03/08 Senior Program (AMO)
  • 03/14 Youth Program (AMO)
  • 03/29 Fundraiser (Take-out Dinner)
  • 04/04 Tafseer Program
  • 04/05 Community Blood Drive
  • 04/18 Family Program (Pre-Ramadan)
  • 04/24 Ramadan Begins (Tentative)
  • 05/02 Qiyam-ul-Lail (Youth)
  • 05/09 Qiyam-ul-Lail 
  • 05/16 Qiyam-ul-Lail
  • 05/24 Eid-ul-Fitr (Tentative)
  • 06/06 Tafseer Program
  • 06/13 Youth Program (AMO)
  • 06/28 Senior Program (AMO)
  • 07/11 Family Lecture/Program
  • 07/19 Fundraiser (BBQ)
  • 07/22 Dhul-Hijja Begins (Tentative)
  • 07/31 Eid-ul-Adha (Tentative)
  • 08/08 Eid-ul-Adha Dinner
  • 08/03 – 08/14 Summer Youth Program
  • 08/14 – 08/17 Family Camping Trip
  • 08/20 Muharram Begins (Tentative)
  • 09/05 Tafseer Program
  • 09/12 Fundraiser (Banquet)
  • 09/20 Senior Program (AMO)
  • 10/03 Tafseer Program 
  • 10/09 - 10/11 CAMA Convention
  • 10/24 Youth Program
  • 11/07 Tafseer Program
  • 11/14 Family Lecture/Program
  • 11/22 Fundraiser (Brunch)
  • 12/05 Tafseer Program
  • 12/12 Family Lecture/Program
  • 12/27 Senior Program (AMO)

 Explore below for more information on programs coming soon ...

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How about some Take-Out? Our take-out dinner has some delicious food that everyone can enjoy. Come on over and don't worry about cooking. Just savor the flavor of great cuisine while supporting a good cause.
Jul, 12 2020
Is choosing the right company important? In this event, our speaker Ustadh Zakareeya Baksh will be talking about the company we keep and how they affect us. Join us for some naseeha, a live Q&A and a game of Kahoot! See the image for more details.
Jun, 13 2020
Please join us on a webinar this Saturday (8:15 PM) where our panel will speak about ways we can capitalize on the opportunity Ramadan brings. Some practical tips will be shared given the special circumstances we are in.
Apr, 18 2020
Inviting all Seniors to join us for a bit of fun and some learning in an Islamic environment on March 8th.
Mar, 08 2020
There's so much that can be learned from the lives of the people around our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S). Join us and bring the family for an interesting and inspiring evening.
Feb, 08 2020
Join us for our monthly session exploring the Qur'an and the divine and miraculous wisdom in it granted to from Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala)
Feb, 01 2020
Masjid As-Siddiq can help you get your taxes done. Everyone invited to special Q&A session with tax preparer and CPA on January 12th at 5PM.
Jan, 12 2020
All youths are invited for a night of fun, games, and some life lessons too ...
Jan, 04 2020
All seniors are invited to a special program on Sunday December 8, 2019 at 10:45 AM. Shaykh Nazeem Habibulla will give advice on how small good actions can reap huge rewards and Sister Annalisa Kudrath will be doing a health session with seniors.
Dec, 08 2019
Join Shaykh Raouf Zaman as he covers the topic of Divine Laws of Sins and Evil Deeds. Program will be held at Masjid As-Siddiq on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 after Salaatul Maghrib (4:28 PM). Refreshments will be served, In Shaa Allah.
Dec, 07 2019
It would be our honor for you to join us as we spend an evening together for a good cause. Seats are limited, buy your tickets today!
Nov, 16 2019
Calling all young adults (ages 14+) for an interactive night of discussions with Mohammad Hasan addressing unhealthy habits and addictions that are ruining your success.
Nov, 02 2019
Only 1 week left - 1.2 Million People In Need. In partnership with Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) we will be sending a container with much needed supplies for the Burma / Rohingya refugees in Cox Bazar in Bangladesh. Please help!
Oct, 20 2019
You and your family are invited to our monthly family program! This month's topic will be "The Ideal Islamic Family". Our speaker will be Br. Ershaad Roberts.
Oct, 12 2019
All seniors are invited to a special program on Sunday October 6, 2019 at 11:00 AM. Dr. Mohamed Shaffieq will be doing a presentation on the trials and tribulation of Ibrahim (A.S.) and the trials of today. Join your fellow seniors in a morning of socializing, a bit of fun and some learning too, i
Oct, 06 2019
You and your family are invited to our monthly family program! This month's topic will be "Brotherhood" highlighting the need for such Islamic fraternity in a non-Islamic society. Our speaker will be Br. Irshad Ibrahim.
Sep, 14 2019
Get your tickets for our BBQ on Sunday July 28, 2019
Jul, 28 2019
You and your family are invited to our monthly family program! This month's topic will be "Protecting our Future" which highlights the importance of transferring Islamic values to our children. Our speaker will be Shaykh Daud Haqq.
Jul, 13 2019
Join us for the Eid Ul-Fitr salaah in Baisley Pond Park on either Tuesday, June 4th or Wednesday, June 5th at 8AM. Click here for more information.
Jun, 04 2019
All brothers and sisters, especially YOUTH are invited to join us for a Qiyam-ul-Lail in the month of Ramadan. Our main presentation will be by Shaykh Rafeek Mohamed after 4 raka'at of Taraweeh.
May, 25 2019

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