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The Al-Ansar History

As-Siddiq Muslim Organization also tries to help our global community at large. There has been a specific emphasis on health and humanitarian assistance. We've held blood drives that yielded blood to be used in saving lives in NYC.

We held a health fair bringing flu vaccines, free education from doctors on various illnesses, and health insurance assistance to our community. We have been very fortunate to be able to assist those in need. In partnership with other Muslim organizations two containers with food, clothing, and much needed supplies were sent to innocent victims in Syria. Meals were prepared for those less fortunate as part of National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day.

Our community along with others collected almost $30,000 to build wells in Africa to those that do not have clean water.  We pray that these humble undertakings brings some comfort and assistance to those in need and pray that it helps our community take one step towards achieving paradise.

Our Events

Fundraiser for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh is overflowing with the 860,000 Rohingya Refugees, who escaped persecution in Myanmar making the area the densest population of refugees in the world. According to several international forums including UNO, unfolding before our eyes is the 'ethnic' cleansing of Rohingya Muslims and as a result, making it the fastest growing refugee crisis of our lifetime. Some Rohingya are also Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and are living in make shift homes throughout Saytmaji Camp in Sittwe, Burma. HHRD is helping IDPs inside the danger zone of the Rakhine State inside Burma through partner NGOS, while it continues to provide emergency relief to Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

Emergency Response Team

Several members of HHRD USA Emergency Response Team (ERT) have been working in Cox's Bazaar since September 2017; however, the location has proved difficult with torrential rains sweeping away makeshift tents and spreading infection. Consisting mainly of women and children these makeshift camps have become a center of disease and infection due to lack of hygienic conditions. Our ERT has reported a total of 647,000 refugees having arrived since the new wave of violence in August 2017. Our ERT has reported 154,000 children are facing malnourishment as 90% of Rohingya Refugees receive only one meal a day.

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