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The Muslims at As-Siddiq understand that the Masjid is the cornerstone of an Islamic community and have a vision to establish a new one with Allah's help. Inshallah, a Masjid's main function is not only to be a place where Allah is worshiped five times daily. The Masjid also serves as a place of gathering and education based on the Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (P). He (P) used it to gather the Muslims to inform them about important issues and to establish a brotherhood and camaraderie. The Prophet (P) also used the Masjid to educate his community about our deen. As-Siddiq Muslim Organization is striving to achieve these goals, Inshallah.


Our Constitution and Bylaws

Click below for a copy of the current constitution and bylaws of the organization ratified at our general meeting on August 28, 2010. 

Our Constitution and Bylaws

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Tuesday 02 Jun 2020
10 Shawwaal 1441

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